Bathroom Mold Removal
Bathroom Mold

Why is There Mold in the Bathroom?

Bathrooms are an ideal environment for mold growth because of their high humidity and consistent moisture exposure. Mold needs water or moisture to grow, and there are few places in your home with more water and moisture than a bathroom, especially a full bathroom with a shower or tub and poor ventilation. Due to humidity, condensation, leaking pipes, and other water sources, bathrooms are an ideal environment for mold growth. If you're a homeowner in Woodbridge, Toms River, Middletown, or nearby, contact Mold Solutions by Cowleys today!

Bathroom Mold removal in Central NJ

Moisture leads to mold on bathroom ceiling.

Common causes of bathroom mold include:

  • Lack of proper ventilation
  • Excessive moisture
  • Lack of or broken bathroom fan
  • Bathroom fan blowing moist air into attic
  • Leaky plumbing, toilets, & sinks
  • Damp, organic materials such as wood, grout, drywall, & rugs

How to Keep Your Bathroom Mold-Free

If you have mold issues in your bathroom, Mold Solutions by Cowleys can help. Our patented Mold Polymer Patented Technology safely treats all bathroom mold, including toxic black mold. We offer inspections and estimates for bathroom mold removal service in Princeton Junction, Bridgewater, Old Bridge, New Brunswick, Lakewood, Piscataway, Princeton Junction, and surrounding New Jersey.

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