Mold Remediation vs Bioremediation
Traditional Mold Remediation vs. Our Mold Polymer Patented Technology

Traditional Mold Remediation vs. Our Mold Polymer Patented Technology

Our Mold Polymer Patented Technology uses two different applications that kills the mold in it's place and seals the surface to prevent future mold growth.

However, in some cases, where there is a loss of structural integrity to building materials, traditional "tear-out" mold remediation is necessary. Mold Solutions by Cowleys' mold specialists are trained in both the MAPS system as well as traditional mold remediation. Also, by applying our MAPS MA-1 antimicrobial and MAPS MA-2 polymer sealant to all moldy building materials prior to tear-out, we substantially reduce the risk of dislodging mold spores and future mold growth.

Based on a thorough inspection, Cowleys will come to your home or business and assess which method or combination of methods will best meet your needs. Rest assured, under either method, your indoor mold will be safely removed.

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