Residential Mold Removal
Mold removal in Central NJ

Count on the Experts to Fix Your Mold Problem. Guaranteed.

Why should New Jersey homeowners consider Mold Solutions by Cowleys to remove and remediate mold? In one word: Experience.

We've been involved with mold treatment and removal for almost a decade and have a proven track record handling the most challenging mold problems. We've successfully serviced thousands of satisfied customers in Toms River, Woodbridge, Middletown and nearby New Jersey who are either enjoying their mold-free homes or have been able to sell their homes after mold was found during a pre-sale inspection.

Mold removal in Central NJ

Our Mold Polymer Patented Technology kills mold and prevents future mold growth

Mold removal in Central NJ

Cowleys' New Patented Mold Treatment and Prevention System

Property owners often find themselves with indoor mold growing on structurally sound building materials. Mold Solutions by Cowleys can now treat the mold directly right where it sits and leave the building materials in place, often avoiding a disruptive and expensive tear-out and renovation project.

How do we do it? We provide property owners with a proven, patented mold treatment and prevention system that kills and seals the surface so the mold cannot regrow. The mold is immediately destroyed. Because the underlying mold-affected materials do not need to be removed, homeowners save time, money, and headaches..

Mold removal in Central NJ

Traditional Mold Remediation Service

Unfortunately, especially after a flood or other major water intrusion, sheetrock, insulation, or other building materials are irreparably water-damaged and non-salvageable. Materials that have lost their structural integrity must be removed. And for those situations, our mold specialists offer traditional mold remediation services. Rest assured, should traditional mold remediation be necessary, we work hard to selectively remove as little building materials as necessary to minimize repair and renovation costs. Also, with our remediation services, we take extra precautions to contain the mold so that it does not spread elsewhere while removing the materials.

Mold removal in Central NJ

Traditional mold remediation in kitchen.

Mold removal in Central NJ

I'm not even sure I have a mold problem. When should I call?

Even if you just suspect you may have mold, don't take any chances. Every day that mold is left untreated is another day allowing it to spread. Many times you will actually see the mold, but occasionally, you'll just smell that unmistakeable musty, earthy smell of mold - especially when it's growing in your crawl space, basement, or attic. Another common indicator of a potential mold problem is if someone in your home has lingering allergy-like symptoms that just won't seem to go away

Finally, any water problem can quickly turn into a mold problem. Be on the lookout for mold after flooding, a groundwater seepage issue, water settling around the home's foundation, or any type of leak. Additionally, basements, crawl spaces, and attics that suffer from chronically high humidity are ideal environments for mold growth. We have been providing peace of mind for homeowners in Princeton Junction, Bridgewater, Old Bridge, New Brunswick, Lakewood, Piscataway, Princeton Junction, and the surrounding areas since 1991. Contact us today!

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