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Before and After Pictures from Holmdel
Mold needs to be fixed to sell Holmdel home

Mold needs to be fixed to sell Holmdel home

Before After
Mold needs to be fixed to sell Holmdel home Mold needs to be fixed to sell Holmdel home

This Holmdel homeowner, while readying their home for sale, found surface mold growing in their basement.  We first treated the mold with our EPA-registered anti-microbial (MAPS 1) to kill the surface mold and eliminate dangerous airborne mold spores. During this process, we thoroughly wiped down all of the hard surfaces to eliminate most of the visible mold growth. Next, we applied our patented polymer sealant (MAPS 2). This sealant not only completely destroys existing mold. It also reactivates when exposed to water or moisture to prevent the return of any new mold growth in the treated areas. As a result, this sealant has the unique capability of killing any future mold growth. 

We discussed with the homeowners the installation of a dehumidifier to prevent the mold from coming back. Dehumidification is, by far, the most important long-term preventative measure for controlling moisture that will inevitably lead to mold growth.  Mold Solutions By Cowleys sells and services powerful, maintenance-free dehumidifiers specifically designed for basements and crawl spaces. The owner understood the importance of dehumidification. However, because they were in the process of selling, the homeowners did not want to make the investment immediately before the sale, and would rather discuss the long-term resolution of mold issues in the basement with any prospective purchasers. In New Jersey, sellers are required to disclose water and dampness problems and the presence of mold in the home. 

The photos show the “before and after” of our mold treatment. As you can see, once we are done with our treatment, there are no signs of mold. It is completely gone. With our treatment, it is not only is the visible mold gone, but all mold is rendered harmless and non-allergenic, so that home indoor air quality is restored. 

Basement Mold in Lincroft, NJ Home

Basement Mold in Lincroft, NJ Home

Before After
Basement Mold in Lincroft, NJ Home Basement Mold in Lincroft, NJ Home

Mold is the unfortunate result of some water intrusion or chronic humidity/high moisture conditions in a home. A two-person crew from the Cowleys Mold Solutions division was sent to a home in Lincroft, NJ to deal with a mold problem caused by a slow plumbing leak from their bathroom that had gone undetected for a while.  The dripping water caused extensive mold growth on the floor joists and sheathing in the basement.  

We treated the mold-affected areas. First, we applied our EPA-registered anti-microbial (MAPS 1). Next, we applied a patented polymer sealant (MAPS 2), wiping down any visible mold growth. Our chemical mold treatment process is truly the  “next generation” of mold treatment because it kills the mold growth right where it has formed. As long as there is no loss of structural integrity to the building materials, this chemical process often avoids expensive and unnecessary tear-out and renovation projects that are traditionally associated with mold treatment.

Our MAPS 2 sealant, while completely safe and non-toxic, instantly destroys mold on contact. Its unique quality is moisture-sensitivity. Once applied, it lies dormant ready to work again. If exposed to moisture, it reactivates, preventing the return of any new mold growth in any of the treated areas. I’ve been in the home repair and improvement business for quite awhile and it’s one of the most amazing products that I’ve had a chance to work with.

These homeowners were quite pleased that we could successfully treat the mold growth so quickly, and that we could get rid of the mold while leaving the building materials alone. With our chemical mold treatment process, these homeowners avoided a big construction job with a big price tag.

Moldy Basement Door in Lincroft, NJ

Moldy Basement Door in Lincroft, NJ

Before After
Moldy Basement Door in Lincroft, NJ Moldy Basement Door in Lincroft, NJ

These homeowners in Lincroft, NJ, in Monmouth County found themselves with some water in the storage area of their basement caused by a pipe leak.They immediately had the leak fixed and cleaned up the stagnant water. However, it doesn’t take long for mold to form. In fact, following some water intrusion, mold can form in 24 hours. These homeowners found themselves with mold growth in the storage area and on some of the personal items they had stored there. The homeowners were getting ready to clean out and re-organize the basement area, but were hesitant to start touching or moving any of the mold-affected items because they did not want to touch the moldy items or risk dislodging and spreading the mold, making the problem even worse.  

The homeowners contacted our Mold Solutions division to treat the mold growth before doing anything else. We treated the both the mold-affected items themselves before they were moved out of the home as well as the storage area of basement. Since no building materials had lost their structural integrity, no tear-out and renovation was necessary. All these homeowners had to do was remove the personal items that were ruined from the mold. Our treatment process involves two applications. We first apply an EPA-registered antimicrobial (MAPS 1) and follow it with a patented sealant (MAPS 2) that encapsulates and kills the mold so that it is insert, harmless. and non—allergenic. This sealant is also moisture-sensitive and will reactivate, automatically stopping future mold growth in any of the treated areas. We can usually complete our treatment process in less than a day.

Finally, we wiped down the mold stains. Mold stains are caused by the enzymes in the mold that eats away the organic material that it is growing on. Mold will grow on almost anything, even processed building materials like ceiling tiles and sheetrock. Mold stains themselves are a non-allergenic residue. However, no one wants to look at these aesthetically unappealing stains. Sometimes, because of either the nature of the building material or because the mold stains are too deep, we are unable to completely remove all traces of the stains. Here, no mater how much scrubbing we did, we could not get off all the staining on this basement door. The homeowners thought they would need to replace the door. They were pleased to find out that, with the mold completely treated, it was not necessary to buy a new door. With a fresh coat of paint, the door would look as good as new.

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We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service in every interaction, from the initial call to our production crew's cleanup. We work hard to exceed our customers' expectations and ensure that the job is done right; the first time. If you're in need of unparalleled mold removal and control, count on Mold Solutions by Cowleys!

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