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Mold and Real Estate

How Mold Affects New Jersey Home Values

Prior mold problems can impact a home's value. In New Jersey, sellers have a "duty to disclose" material facts or defects and cannot hide information about their property. Disclosable information would certainly include mold and any significant water intrusion such as flood damage or ongoing problems with wet basements or crawl spaces and groundwater.

If you had a mold problem, it is important to have documentation to show that the mold was properly treated and that the source of the mold problem was identified and fixed. A guarantee from a reputable mold remediation specialist could also help in alleviating a buyer's concerns.

If you are thinking about or in the process of selling your home and believe that mold may be an issue, contact us for an inspection now to avoid a host of issues and delays down the road.

As a local company that has serviced the Jersey Shore area for decades and has lived through major weather disasters such as Superstorm Sandy and the slew of mold issues that followed, Mold Solutions by Cowleys is well aware of the effects of flooding on a home or business. When selling your home, having any potential mold issues resolved can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth sale.

Mold and Real Estate in Central NJ

Professional mold inspection locates the source of the mold and recommends a treatment plan.

Mold and Realtor Responsibilities

Our heavy rainfalls in New Jersey often cause flooding leading to mold growth in our crawl spaces and basements. High humidity levels leave us with water-saturated air in which mold can thrive. Leaky pipes, backed up gutters, a non-operational sump pump, or any one of the myriad problems that can cause water intrusions, can cause mold, and often, it is not discovered until the home inspection.

Mold problems are especially common in homes that have not been well maintained. Homes in foreclosure, vacant homes, rental homes, vacation homes, or homes whose owners have limited resources to stay on top of problems should all be looked at with a critical eye. Of course, any home in known flood zones has to be looked at as a potential mold suspect.

As a realtor, what should you do?

What are your legal responsibilities? How should you advise the seller? What warnings should you give the buyer? What should you recommend to resolve the mold problem? Mold Solutions by Cowleys has prepared a concise downloadable Ebook that will answer all of your questions about mold. You'll know exactly what to do to keep the deal and your commission on track.

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