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Our Mold Removal Services Case Studies: Mold in Hazlet Crawl Space

Thursday, December 17th, 2015 by Bill Cowley


A Hazlet apartment complex had extensive mold growth in one of its crawl spaces. Mold, a type of fungus, lives off plant material, which includes any wood-product building materials. If there is excess moisture or water, mold will grow on virtually anything. This apartment developed a severe mold problem after its hot water pipe burst, flooding the crawl space. As shown in the picture, mold need not be black mold. There are various types of mold that can come in a variety of colors. But no matter how the mold appears, there is no such thing as harmless mold and it has to be removed. Also, in addition to the water escaping from the broken pipe, steam wetted and softened the joists and sub floor further accelerating the mold growth. Even though the mold is not in living spaces, it still must be treated. Mold spores easily travel on air currents throughout a structure, so this crawl space mold would inevitably spread throughout the building as the spores reattach elsewhere, causing further damage and potential health risks to the tenants by affecting the indoor air quality. Mold can cause a variety of respiratory and other health problems when growing in an enclosed area.



After inspecting the crawl space to determine the scope of the problem and how to best treat the affected areas, the Mold Solutions team went to work using our Mold Exterm system. We treated the crawl space surfaces using electrostatic fogging to apply an anti-microbial that kills surface mold and airborne mold spores. Mold Solutions can successfully and permanently resolve a mold problem while avoiding a costly and extensive tear-out of perfectly good building materials. Instead, with our process, we treat the mold itself. After the anti-microbial application, we used electrostatic fogging to apply our patented, proprietary sealant that coats and kills the mold, and prevents the spores from further spreading. Any microorganism, including mold, viruses, and bacteria that comes into contact with this sealant immediately dies. However, what makes this sealant unique and unlike anything else on the market is its built in “moisture intelligence.” It has the ability to travel through any surface water and seek out the moisture in mold spores. It then reactivates, acting as a shield to prevent any future mold growth. When mold spores comes into contact with this sealant, their molecular DNA is destroyed. The mold is no longer allergenic or otherwise harmful to the building’s occupants. So, when the Mold Solutions team finishes a mold project, we’ve not only removed the existing mold, but we’ve laid the groundwork to prevent mold from returning to those areas that we’ve treated. The Mold Exterm system not only kills today’s mold, but tomorrow’s mold as well. 

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