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Our Mold Removal Services Case Studies: Mold in Hamilton, NJ

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 by Rob Wurst


The heavy rains of October bought an unwanted and familiar smell to this future client’s basement. So, this client wanted to find out where this smell was coming from and if there was anything that we could do about it. She was also was concerned about a white chalky substance that was forming on her basement wall and making the paint on the wall bubble.

I inspected the entire basement beginning with the wall. This white chalky substance was efflorescence. Efflorescence forms from water pressure on the home and is forced through the porous wall. Like most homes that were built in the 70’s, this foundation was constructed with hollow block foundation. While hollow block is a cheaper way of constructing a foundation, it leads to other problems down the line. Efflorescence is not mold, but the two usually come as a package. This led my inspection into a more thorough one, inspecting joist beams and the subfloor. (Mold can only grow on organic material). Its purpose in nature is to decompose organic material. Needless to say, I found mold on the painted hollow block, the joist beams, and subfloor. This would explain the smell!! This was not a big water intrusion problem, their problem was construction material related, as explained above. The recipe: ground water pressure on the foundation forced water vapor thorough the hollow block, the vapor moved upward to the beams and formed mold, and also formed on the painted walls.



Kill the mold, Seal all surfaces with our patented polymer sealant, and control water vapor which naturally leads to high humidity, with a commercial-grade dehumidifier. This mold killing process is done with electrostatic fogging. In layman’s terms, this means that the chemical is put into a handheld machine, gets statically charged, and when it is forced out, finds and sticks to anything organic. We repeat this process with a patented sealer. These 2 steps in conjunction with the installation of the commercial-grade dehumidifier ensures the mold is dead, and can’t come back. Our client can now look forward to enjoying a mold free, dry environment, and of course that nasty smell is gone!!


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