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Broken Bathroom Vent Fan Causes Mold in Highlands, NJ

Recently, a three-man crew from Mold Solutions by Cowleys was sent to a home in Highlands, NJ to deal with a bathroom mold problem. Here, the ventilation fan in the main bathroom broke, and it was not timely fixed. After months of the family taking showers with no bath fan to remove the moisture, mold had started to form. The homeowners finally got around to installing a new fan but the damage was done — there was extensive mold growth in the bathroom. The problem with mold is that once mold it takes hold, it lives for only one purpose: to keep recolonizing by spreading its airborne spores to re-attach elsewhere.

We were able to immediately resolve this bathroom mold problem. In less than a day, we applied a powerful antimicrobial called MAPS 1 that attacks mold on a cellular level and kills it instantly. We then scrubbed away the mold and applied MAPS 2, which is our patented sealant that encapsulates the surface mold is growing on and renders the mold non-allergenic and harmless. MAPS 2 is also moisture-sensitive and reactivates whenever it gets wet to prevent the return of mold.

When we were finished, the bathroom was safe for the family to use. We were glad that we could quickly and thoroughly treat the mold for these homeowners and make their bathroom safe once again without anyone having to worry about getting sick from mold growth.




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