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Bathroom mold in Millstone Township, NJ

A two-member team of Mold Solutions By Cowleys was sent to a home in Millstone Township, NJ to treat an isolated mold problem in the home. Here, the bathroom fan had stopped working and, unfortunately, was not timely repaired. Without a working ventilation system in a small enclosed area such as in a bathroom where there are high moisture conditions from all of the steam and hot water, there is a high risk of mold growth. And that’s exactly what happened.

Mold had formed on the ceiling. The homeowners had the fan fixed, but it was too late. They found themselves with a serious mold problem. Once mold forms, it will either continue to spread or become dormant depending on temperature and moisture conditions. Mold, a living organism, is a type of fungus. It will not simply “die” and go away on its own. Rather, mold, by its very nature, produces mold spores that become airborne will attach elsewhere in the home. Also, a home’s occupants can breathe in those spores, and those with respiratory sensitivities can develop allergy-like symptoms or even develop respiratory infections. Any mold, not just so-called toxic black mold, is potentially dangerous and must be treated.

For this bathroom mold problem, we treated the mold with two applications. First, we applied an EPA-registered antimicrobial (MAPS 1) that kills the mold on contact. Second, we applied a patented sealant (MAPS 2) that is available only to licensed distributors. This sealant not only kills the mold, but it is also moisture sensitive and will reactivate to kill any future mold growth. We also wiped down any visible staining caused by the mold. Mold stains are the residue of mold growth. They are not by themselves allergenic. However, they are unsightly, aesthetically unappealing, and can give the mistaken impression that there is still a mold problem.  

The homeowner learned a valuable lesson about the importance of ventilation to keep down moisture and humidity levels in enclosed spaces. It is important to have working exhaust fans in bathrooms and attics where there can be high levels of humidity. In other areas of the home, such as basements and crawl spaces, where good ventilation isn't an option, it is important to have a commercial-grade dehumidification system to avoid mold problems and have clean, dry air circulating throughout the home.

Mold Found During Cleaning basement in Millstone Township, NJ

Homeowners in Millstone Township, NJ, were recently doing some deep cleaning of their basement, and when they removed a drawer out of a dresser, they discovered mold growth. They immediately stopped cleaning and contacted Mold Solutions to have the mold treated. The cause of the basement mold growth was chronically high relative humidity levels, which is quite common in basements and crawl spaces. For mold to form, flooding, a burst pipe, groundwater infiltration, or other major water intrusion event is not necessary. Mold can just as easily start to form if there is a high level of moisture in the air. 

Fortunately, all of the building materials were sound with no loss of structural integrity, so we were able to treat the mold directly right were it sits with our removing any building materials. The homeowners were quite relieved that the mold treatment would not involve an extensive tear-out and renovation. We treated the entire basement with our EPA registered antimicrobial called MAPS 1, which attacks mold on a cellular level and kills it instantly. We then scrubbed away the mold and applied MAPS 2, which is our patented sealant that encapsulates the surface mold is growing on and renders the mold non-allergenic and harmless. MAPS 2 is also moisture-sensitive and reactivates whenever it gets wet to prevent the return of mold.

For long-term prevention of returning mold, the homeowners had us install a commercial-grade whole-house SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, which is considered one of the best high-performance dehumidifiers and filtration systems on the market. They are specifically designed to work in the challenging environment of basements and crawl spaces and operate 24/7, turning on and off automatically using a built-in hygrometer. There is no water pan to empty and is set up to drain into a sump pump or other drainage system. These dehumidifiers will keep down indoor humidity and moisture to levels where mold will not form. By producing clean, dry air, these dehumidifiers do a great job eliminating musty odors and that muggy feeling caused by high humidity. The indoor air quality is dramatically improved. These machines have proven especially beneficial for those with allergies or asthma. 


Mold Removal and Repair After Basement Flooding in Jackson, NY

A homeowner’s hot water heater had cracked open in Jackson, NJ, flooding her basement. Within days, there was extensive mold growth on walls, ceiling, door, and even on some furnishings. If there is excess moisture or water, mold will grow on virtually anything. Mold lives off plant materials, and most of our building materials are wood products. Mold is especially attracted to drywall and acoustical tiling. Also, mold spores easily travel on air currents throughout the home, and the mold growing in the basement would inevitably spread throughout the home as the spores reattach elsewhere.

We arrived at the house, conducted an inspection to determine the scope of the problem and how to best treat the affected areas to contain the mold growth. We treated the surfaces with an anti-microbial that kills surface mold and airborne mold spores. We then removed all of the structurally damaged building materials. Often, we find mold growth on building materials that are not damaged. In those cases, we can resolve the mold problem without extensive removal of materials. We then applied our sealant that coats and kills the mold that prevents the spread of spores. In addition, this sealant is moisture sensitive and reactivates to kill any future mold growth. So, when we finish a mold project, we’ve not only removed the mold but we’ve also prevented mold from returning to those areas. For long-term mold control, I always stress to homeowners the importance of controlling indoor humidity levels by investing in a commercial-grade dehumidifier. Mold growth is not limited to water problems like flooding and leaky pipes. A mold problem can also result if there is excess moisture from high humidity levels.


Basement Flood Causes Mold in Jackson, NJ

A homeowner’s hot water heater had cracked open in Jackson, NJ, flooding her basement causing extensive mold growth. We treated the affected areas with our EPA registered solution called Mold Abatement Polymer Solutions 1, also called MAPS 1. This product attacks mold on a cellular level and kills it instantly.

We then scrubbed away the mold and applied MAPS 2, which is our patented sealant that encapsulates the surface mold is growing on and renders mold non-allergenic and harmless. MAPS 2 is also moisture-sensitive and reactivates whenever it gets wet to prevent the return of mold.

Bathroom Fan Causes Attic Mold in Kendall Park, NJ

Mold growth in a home is a symptom of an underlying water or moisture problem. Mold can rear its head anywhere and everywhere. Like all living organisms, mold needs air, organic material as a food source, the right temperature, and water or moisture in order to grow. We often think of water and moisture problems as external problems where water intrudes into the home from the outside, such as from flooding or a cracked foundation allowing water seepage from water-saturated soil. But oftentimes, the problems are internal. There are building or repair issues responsible for water accumulation. Common problems are burst or leaky pipes, non-operational sump pumps, backed-up gutters, and a variety of condensation problems from poor building design. Condensation easily forms on cold metal pipes and cold concrete floors as well as from our everyday activities that release moisture including cooking, washing clothes, and bathing. It is no surprise that often mold grows and thrives in crawl spaces, basements, attics, kitchens, washer/dryer areas, and bathrooms. 


One of the most important ways of reducing condensation in our living spaces is through proper ventilation. A well-ventilated home is essential for removing moisture, especially in our bathrooms and kitchens where large quantities of steam permeate the air from hot water. Homes often have vent fans installed in bathrooms to carry away moist air. Proper building construction dictates that vent fans, whether bathroom vents or dryer vents, be vented directly outdoors. Venting exhaust fans into the attic is asking for trouble, even if the attic itself is vented. The excess moisture can cause condensation on the rafters and sheathing, which can lead to wood rot, moisture-saturated insulation, and dangerous mold growth. This homeowner in Kendall Park learned this lesson the hard way. The installer had vented the bathroom fan into the attic rather than outside, and, sure enough, he found himself with a serious mold problem overhead. 


For the long-term, the homeowner should fix the venting problem to remove the underlying condition allowing mold growth. However, Mold Solutions by Cowleys resolved the immediate problem. In less than a day, we applied a powerful anti-microbial to kill the mold, and then applied a patented, proprietary sealant containing silver micro-particles. Cowleys is an authorized applicator of this unique sealant; you can’t get it just anywhere. This sealant kills the mold at the cellular level rendering it inert and harmless so it no longer poses a health risk. However, this sealant does much more. It reactivates with moisture to prevent any regrowth of mold, so it not only kills today’s mold growth but tomorrow’s as well. 


With this project, there was no removal of building materials, no need for home renovation, and no need for the family to relocate. While the homeowner was disappointed that the vent had to be properly reinstalled, he was pleased with Cowleys for taking care of the mold problem so quickly. This project was one of our many successful mold treatment projects — we removed the threat of mold while saving the homeowner the expense and inconvenience of a major renovation that often follows the tear-out of building materials by traditional mold remediators. 

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