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Flooded Crawl Space Causes Severe Mold Growth in Freehold, NJ

This homeowner in Freehold, NJ had a massive water leak in his crawl space. After he hired someone to fix that leak, he had to leave for a short period of time for a business trip. When he returned, he was stunned to find a massive amount of mold growth throughout his crawl space! He immediately called our office and we were sent out to remediate!

When we inspected the area, there wasn't a single rafter that didn't have mold on it! It was quite severe and because the air from the crawl space often escapes into the upper living spaces of the home, mold in your crawl space can contribute to health problems like respiratory illnesses and worsen allergy and asthma symptoms! Fortunately, we have the perfect treatment that will kill mold and prevent its return! 

First, we removed and disposed of all the contaminated items in the crawl space and then applied our EPA-registered antimicrobial solution called Mold Abatement Polymer Solution, or MAPS 1 for short. MAPS 1 targets mold on a cellular level and immediately kills it. After applying MAPS 1, we then used our mold stain remover, scrubbed away all the excess mold staining throughout the rafters, and applied MAPS 2. MAPS 2 works by encapsulating the surface that mold is growing on and renders it non-allergenic and harmless. MAPS 2 is also moisture-sensitive and will reactivate whenever it gets wet to prevent future mold growth. Now the homeowner will no longer have to worry about dangerous mold growth in his crawl space!

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