Our Mold Removal Services - High Humidity Levels Lead to Mold in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Recently, we were contacted by homeowner in Atlantic Highlands NJ who mentioned that they have are having a mold issue in their basement. The readings on our hygrometer, which measures the humidity (amount of water vapor) in air, confirmed that this basement had an unacceptably high level of humidity. Homes require an acceptable range of humidity for our comfort and health, and air that is too dry or too wet can be the source of problems for a home’s occupants. Our homes are most comfortable at humidity levels between 30 - 50%. Humidity levels that rise above 55% are ripe for mold growth. Mold spores attach to wet or damp surfaces, consuming whatever organic material that it grows upon. 

To treat this, I had to vacuum the walls with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum. This will reduce the possibility of mold spores being introduced into the air. HEPA vacuums contain HEPA filters which are designed to trap mold spores and eliminate them. Once I finished vacuuming, I applied an EPA registered antimicrobial solution called MAP.

 Finally to solve the problem of the high humidity levels and based on the size (cubic volume) of the basement we installed a SaniDry XP commercial dehumidifier. We only install SaniDry commercial-grade dehumidifiers. These machines are specifically designed and manufactured for the challenging environments of basements and crawl spaces. Generic residential dehumidifiers simply aren’t up to the job. For example, the SaniDry XP is a powerful energy-efficient dehumidifier that outperforms standard household dehumidifiers by as much as 10 times while using the same amount of energy to run. The SaniDry XP can effectively cover indoor living spaces over 3000 square feet, making it well-suited for basements and crawl spaces over 40” high. 

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