Our Mold Removal Services - Homeowners Crawl Space in Hazlet, NJ Gets Mold

This video shows the Cowleys Mold Solutions team in action in a crawl space in Hazlet, NJ. We are using our pump sprayers to apply our mold stain remover, spraying and scrubbing each and every joist until the visible evidence of mold is gone. This particular procedure, since it is a bit on the messy side, is only used with mold growth on unfinished surfaces in non-living spaces like crawl spaces, attics, and unfinished spaces. In living spaces of the home, we carefully apply the mold stain remover with rags.

This particular mold project involved three muddy crawl spaces at a townhouse condominium complex in Hazlet with extensive mold growth that had taken hold and thrived in this dewey and dank netherworld ecosystem after a steam pipe ruptured. Once there is a water or moisture problem in a structure, mold will inevitably rear its ugly head. 

Upon arriving on-site, we first contacted all of the affected unit homeowners. Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend that windows be left open to ensure proper ventilation and those with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues temporarily leave. 

Our technicians then prepared to work, donning their personal protective equipment. We first sealed off the crawl space vents, an essential step for eliminating moisture build-up and ensuring that the crawl space stays dry. To combat the compromised air quality, we brought in our trusty DefendAir 5000 Industrial Grade Air Scrubber, a portable filtration system that removes contaminants from the air since we would be working an enclosed area with a dense concentration of dangerous, potentially toxic, airborne mold spores. 

Now the fun part. It was time to implement the three-part MoldExterm system.

Step One: Using electrostatic fogging, we apply an EPA-registered application that kills the mold on contact.

Step Two: We remove mold stains with our mold stain remover. Even though the mold is completely destroyed, we don’t want to leave a single visual trace that there was once a mold problem. When the Mold Solutions team is done, the mold is erased off the face of the earth! 

Step Three: Using electrostatic fogging, we apply our patented polymer sealant that coats the beams and walls. This unique sealant is moisture sensitive and reactivates killing any future mold. With this sealant, the mold is gone for good! Cowleys is so confident in this technology that we offer a no returning mold guarantee. 

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