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Our Mold Removal Services Photo Album: Severe mold causes tear out in Trenton, NJ

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Recently, a three-man Cowleys Mold Solutions crew was sent to a home in Trenton, NJ that had been sitting vacant for a few years. Unbeknownst to the owner, there was an undetected roof leak that had been going on for quite some time. The home suffered major water damage and, because of the water intrusion, significant mold growth. Often, with our treatment process we can treat the mold directly without removing the building materials on which the mold is growing. However, in those situations, the materials have not lost their structural integrity. We can often salvage materials when mold is triggered by high indoor humidity. However, once there is significant water damage, as was the case here, the materials cannot be salvaged and the materials must be demolished and removed.

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