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Our Mold Removal Services Photo Album: Mold removed in Little Silver, NJ bedroom

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There is the always the risk of dangerous mold growth inside a home whenever there is a water intrusion problem (which includes chronically high indoor humidity levels, especially in basements and crawl spaces). Some water intrusion problems are obvious and overwhelming as basement flooding or a leaky pipe or roof. Other water intrusion problems can be more subtle, For example, this home in Little Silver, NJ, had exterior caulking around a window that had deteriorated over time, allowing water to seep inside. This problem went unnoticed for awhile, and mold started to grow in the bedroom.  

Prior to contacting Mold Solutions By Cowleys, the homeowners attempted a DIY mold control treatment that they purchased at one of the big-box home improvement stores. As often happens, the promises of the product did not live up to the reality. The store-bought treatment product was ineffective and the mold returned soon thereafter. Finally they contacted us for professional mold treatment services. A two-person team of our mold specialists were dispatched to take care of their problem.

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