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Our Mold Removal Services Case Studies: Water seepage leads to mold removal in Fair Haven basement

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 by Joseph Figueroa


The Cowleys Mold Solutions team was dispatched out to a Fair Haven home to treat a basement mold problem. Mold will form when there is a water or moisture problem in an enclosed area. While mold can form anywhere, we commonly see mold problems in basements and crawl spaces, which are notorious for having chronically high indoor humidity problems. Mold formed in this basement because of extensive groundwater seepage through the home’s foundation. The homeowner had already taken care of the groundwater problem. Based on our inspection, we did not find any other water intrusion problems. However, as part of our recommended treatment, Cowleys installed a commercial-grade dehumidifier to deal with the basement’s high indoor humidity.

Fortunately, there was no loss of structural integrity to any of the building materials in the basement, so we were able to treat the mold quickly and effectively without resorting to an expensive tear out of the entire basement. However, there was mold growth behind the walls and we needed to access those areas. Three-foot sections of drywall had to be removed in the contaminated areas of the basement, so that we could treat the mold behind the walls. 


Once we were able to gain access to the contaminated areas, we applied our EPA-registered anti-microbial (MAPS 1), the first part of our treatment solution. This application kills the surface mold and the mold spores. Next, we applied our patented polymer sealant (MAPS 2). This unique sealant is moisture-sensitive and will reactivate in a wet or humid environment that is conducive to mold growth. Because of this sealant’s unique feature, it is able to protect against future mold growth in any of the treated areas. 

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