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Our Mold Removal Services Case Studies: Mold Treatment in Monmouth Beach

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 by Bill Cowley


Today's job took Jovanny and I (Rhett) to Monmouth Beach, NJ. A customer had a leaky pipe in the wall, and over time it led to black mold growth in a bedroom. What may seem like a minor drip can create a serious mold issue. The customer said that the pipe was dripping only one time per minute according to the plumber! When we arrived, the customer showed us the room where the mold was. The mold was rapidly growing under the carpet, gradually spreading towards the center of the room. The homeowner had the carpet cut out in the area that we had to treat. (We treated the whole room but focused more heavily on the target area). 


We put on our respirators, and began the mold treatment using an electrostatic fogger. Part 1 of the treatment starts with spraying MMI, our EPA registered, multi-purpose, anti-microbial based in quarternary ammonium salts. It is a bactericide, virucide, disinfectant, fungicide, cleaner, mildew stat and deoderizer. After we apply MM1, we scrub the mold and remove as much staining as we can. After the scrub, we apply MM1 one more time and then let the treatment dry. When it is completely dry, we move on to the part 2 of our treatment protocol. For Part 2 of the treatment, we use MM2, our unique, proprietary, patented polymer sealer with Nano Technology that creates an invisible coat on the surface where the mold was growing, sealing the surface and not allowing mold to grow on it. Most treatments can be completed in less than a day.

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