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Our Mold Removal Services Case Studies: Improper Ventilated Attic Develops Mold in Belmar, NJ

Thursday, September 12th, 2019 by Brian Gural


A homeowner in Belmar, NJ contacted our office concerned that he had mold in his attic. Once we arrived, we equipped our personal protective equipment and began inspecting the attic Unfortunately, within a few moments of our inspection, we found mold all over the rafters. After a thorough inspection we determined that the cause of the mold was due to improper ventilation.   

One of the main causes of mold in an attic is due to poor ventilation. Mold is a living, breathing fungus that multiplies and will continue to spread as long as the conditions in the home remain conducive to mold growth. Fortunately, the homeowner just recently had an attic fan installed, so the cause of mold has been addressed and all that's left is to remove the mold.


First, we applied an EPA-registered, non-toxic antimicrobial solution called Mold Abatement Polymer Solutions 1 (MAPS 1). MAPS 1 breaks down mold at a cellular level and kills it instantly. Once that solution dried, we applied MAPS 2, which is a patented sealant that encapsulates mold, rendering it inert and non-allergenic. MAPS 2 also reactivates when it gets moist to prevent the growth of any future mold colonies. The homeowner was relieved that his attic is now free from hazardous mold growth. 

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