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Our Mold Removal Services Case Studies: Mold found during new construction in Deal, NJ

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 by Michael Senz


A crew from the Cowleys Mold Solutions team was sent to Deal, NJ, a beautiful town on the Jersey Shore. An under-construction home had a pipe burst in the basement, resulting flooding. Unfortunately, given the extent of the water damage, this problem had gone on unnoticed for quite some time, and mold has ample opportunity to take hold. Any time that water enters a home whether from a roof leak, groundwater seepage, or a burst pipe, or a myriad of other water intrusion events, there is always a risk of mold growth. It is not enough to just fix the water problem and the damaged building materials. Once mold takes hold, it will spread as long as there is sufficient moisture in the home. Even if the mold does not spread, it will simply become dormant. And no matter whether mold is active or dormant, mold growth in a home is a potential health hazard to the home’s occupants. Here, even though ti would be months before the home is occupied by its new owners, mold would be waiting for them if not properly treated.


The contractor had already cut out and removed the contaminated sheetrock. Whenever mold-contaminated material is removed from a home, precautions should be taken to minimize disruption of the mold and spread of mold spores from moving the materials. Unfortunately, we were not there for that part of the process. The Cowleys mold team was called in afterwards to treat the remaining basement mold.  

We applied an antimicrobial (MAPS 1) followed by a patented sealant (MAPS 2) that not only kills the existing mold, but also has moisture-sensitivity. This sealant has the ability to reactivate and kill future mold growth in the treated areas. Finally, we scrubbed the visible mold growth on the plywood 2 x 4s. Mold will leave stains from its enzymes that dissolve and consume the wood products on which it feeds. These stains are not allergenic or harmful like the mold itself, however they are aesthetically unappealing. Once the new sheetrock is installed by the contractor, these residual stains will no longer be visible. With our mold treatment process, the contractor could get back to work without any delay in the building schedule.




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