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Mold Removal in Neptune, NJ

The Mold Solutions team was sent to a duplex in Neptune, NJ. In a somewhat unusual case, mold growth in one residence became a shared problem with the adjacent residence. While we often see cockroaches, bed bugs, and other pests spread among attached residential units like in apartments, dormitories, and nursing homes, mold is usually a stand-alone problem within a single residence, even with attached residential units. This particular situation, however, was somewhat different. 

The customer shared a common wall with a neighboring family. While the neighbors were away on vacation, their water pipe bust. The pipe was in the wall void of the shared wall. Whenever there is a water intrusion problem, mold growth soon follows. Since the neighbors were away, the leaking pipe went undetected, and the resultant mold growth affected the two separate residences. 

After the pipe was fixed, Mold Solutions was called in to treat the mold, which had spread to both sides of the shared wall. As shown in the picture, there was visible mold on the sheetrock above the baseboard heating vents in the customer’s home.

We first treated the affected areas by applying our EPA-registered anti-microbial using electrostatic fogging, which kills any surface mold as well as any airborne mold spores. After a short waiting period, we then applied a commercial-grade stain remover to mold-stained surfaces. Finally, we applied our patented polymer sealant, also using electrostatic fogging. This unique sealant, which is derived from coatings used for human medical implant devices, is available only to authorized pest control operators licensed to apply chemical products inside structures. While completely safe and non-toxic to people, this sealant destroys mold at the cellular level. Any mold we treat is rendered inert, harmless, and non-allergenic. The sealant is also moisture-sensitive and reactivates to prevent the return of any new mold growth in the treated area.

We were able to treat the mold is less than a day. Extensive renovations were avoided since no building materials were removed, and there was no need for the family to temporarily relocate. With our process, we treat and kill the mold right in its tracks. By avoiding tear-outs of building materials that have no loss of structural integrity, we also avoid disrupting the mold and inadvertently disbursing mold spores to reattach elsewhere. Needless to say, the customer could not have been more pleased with the service.

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