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Mold Removal and Repair After Basement Flooding in Jackson, NY

A homeowner’s hot water heater had cracked open in Jackson, NJ, flooding her basement. Within days, there was extensive mold growth on walls, ceiling, door, and even on some furnishings. If there is excess moisture or water, mold will grow on virtually anything. Mold lives off plant materials, and most of our building materials are wood products. Mold is especially attracted to drywall and acoustical tiling. Also, mold spores easily travel on air currents throughout the home, and the mold growing in the basement would inevitably spread throughout the home as the spores reattach elsewhere.

We arrived at the house, conducted an inspection to determine the scope of the problem and how to best treat the affected areas to contain the mold growth. We treated the surfaces with an anti-microbial that kills surface mold and airborne mold spores. We then removed all of the structurally damaged building materials. Often, we find mold growth on building materials that are not damaged. In those cases, we can resolve the mold problem without extensive removal of materials. We then applied our sealant that coats and kills the mold that prevents the spread of spores. In addition, this sealant is moisture sensitive and reactivates to kill any future mold growth. So, when we finish a mold project, we’ve not only removed the mold but we’ve also prevented mold from returning to those areas. For long-term mold control, I always stress to homeowners the importance of controlling indoor humidity levels by investing in a commercial-grade dehumidifier. Mold growth is not limited to water problems like flooding and leaky pipes. A mold problem can also result if there is excess moisture from high humidity levels.


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