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Faulty Bathroom Fan Causes Mold Growth in Manasquan, NJ

A new client of ours contacted our office after discovering severe mold growth in her bathroom, so we suited up and headed out! 

All mold needs moisture to grow, and there a few places in your home with more moisture than a bathroom, especially a full bathroom with a shower or tub. Mold can appear in as little as 24-48 hours and even if mold doesn't appear on visible surfaces, it can still grow behind the walls and on bathroom ceilings, on the insulation, and anywhere else it has a food source and moisture exposure.

When we arrived, it was quite easy to spot the mold growth! Now we need to determine the conducive condition that caused the mold growth. After measuring the humidity levels, we determined that was the cause of the mold. Turns out the bathroom fan wasn't working properly, which was causing the high moisture and humidity levels. We brought this to the owner's attention who then called her brother-in-law to replace the broken exhaust fan with a functional one.

We began treating the area with MAPS 1, an EPA registered antimicrobial that kills mold on a cellular level and then scrubbed the mold away. Afterward, we applied our patented sealant called MAPS 2, which encapsulates the mold and renders it non-allergenic and harmless. MAPS 2 is also moisture sensitive and will reactivate whenever it gets moist to prevent mold from growing.

Due to the fact that mold has been in the bathroom for such a while, it stained the walls. Fortunately, these stains are purely aesthetic and pose no health risk. Once MAPS 1 & 2 have been applied, the mold is no longer a threat.


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