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Mold Removal in Belmar, NJ

Recently, the Cowleys Mold Solutions Team went on a service call to a residence in Belmar, NJ. The homeowner contacted us because of mold growth in his living room. 

Mold is an unwanted by-product of a water or moisture problem in a building. There is a long list of possible water intrusion events that goes well beyond flooding. Mold can form because of leaking pipes, dampness and humidity, especially in basements and crawl spaces, and rain seeping in because of damage to the roof, surrounding fascia boards, and around window frames. For many, exposure to mold can be harmful, leading to long-term chronic health problems, especially for those with pre-existing respiratory conditions and other risk factors.

As we were putting on our personal protective equipment (mold is a serious biohazard in enclosed spaces) we asked the homeowner if he knew of any water intrusion on his property, such as a recently burst water pipe. This preliminary information helps us determine the underlying cause of the mold growth. We don’t just want to treat the current mold. We also want to fix the underlying problem so that mold doesn’t return. The homeowner informed us that a pipe did, in fact, burst in his living room while he was away at work. Fortunately, his son happened to come home early from work and was able to stop the water leak. Otherwise, the problem would have been much worse.

As we began our inspection in the living room, we immediately noticed mold growth around a particular window frame. Unfortunately, after a more detailed inspection, we found that the mold and water damage was more extensive than we first thought. Some of the drywall was so damaged that it had to be removed. If building materials have not lost their structural integrity, we can often just treat the mold. However, sometimes the water damage is too much. Here, we needed to remove some of the drywall, and we started to cut the drywall in those areas where the moisture and mold were most visible. Once the window trim was removed, we could see there was mold growth between the trim and the drywall that wrapped around most of the window. We kept cutting and removing the damaged building materials until we reached the undamaged areas of the drywall. 

After the damaged drywall was removed, we applied MAPS 1(Mold Abatement Polymer Solution 1), an EPA-registered anti-microbial. This application is specifically designed to kill active mold growth. We then scrubbed away the surface mold and applied MAPS 2, a patented polymer sealant that encapsulates the existing dead mold and prevents future mold from growing.

After we were finished with our treatment, the homeowner informed us that he scheduled an appointment with a contractor to install new drywall in the living room. Although no one likes these unexpected events, the homeowner was relieved that the dangerous mold growth was removed from his home and he could now move forward with the necessary repairs without worrying about any hidden mold.

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