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Pipe Leak Causes Mold in South Plainfield, NJ

A commercial customer in South Plainfield, NJ, had a slow pipe leak in a bathroom closet that had apparently gone unnoticed for quite some time. Finally, an employee noticed the stagnant water on the floor as well as mold growth. A plumber was called in to fix the leak prior to our arrival, but the customer was still left with dangerous mold growth that needed to be resolved. 

This business used Cowleys for its pest control needs and knew of our Mold Solutions Division. So we arrived, inspected, and began treatment. We treated all the mold affected areas with our EPA registered anti-microbial called MAPS 1, which attacks mold on a cellular level and kills it instantly. We then scrubbed away the mold and applied MAPS 2, which is our patented sealant that encapsulates the surface mold is growing on and renders the mold non-allergenic and harmless. MAPS 2 is also moisture-sensitive and reactivates whenever it gets wet to prevent the return of mold.

Finally, there were unsightly mold stains that we were scrubbed away using our stain remover. Even though the mold is completely destroyed, we do our best to remove any visible traces that there was once a mold problem. Mold stains are a residue from the enzymes in the mold. Stains themselves, unlike mold, are not allergenic or otherwise harmful to people. Nevertheless, mold stains are unsightly and aesthetically unappealing. As long as the stains aren’t too deep in the materials on which the mold has taken hold, we can get rid of all or most of them. Sometimes, if the staining is deep, the surface has to be painted over.

The customer was quite pleased that the mold problem could be resolved so quickly and without any tear-outs or renovations.

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