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Choosing the Right Option for Mold Removal

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There are different routes you can take to have mold removed from your home. The most common methods are DIY, hiring a handyman, or bringing in Mold Solutions by Cowleys. There are price differences and quality differences between these options so let’s explore which is best for your situation.

The popularity of cable channels like HGTV lets us know that we are a country of people dedicated to DIY projects. In many cases, doing it yourself will cost less and you can still get exactly what you want. When it comes to mold, the DIY option should be reserved to a very limited number of situations. When people DIY they will generally get their supplies from a big box store. The chemicals there should be used exactly as the manufacturer prescribes. It is imperative that you take the time to read the directions carefully. Unlike a poorly DIY painted wall that will only annoy you when you look at it, poorly removed mold can actually make you sick. When mold is disturbed the spores can become airborne. This means not only can they be inhaled by the person dealing with the mold, they can get into the air within the home and be deposited in another location possibly causing problems for your whole family. This option may seem the most economical at first, but if mold spreads it may turn out to be a costly choice.

In many towns there is a handyman who is known as a “jack of all trades.” From patching holes in your wall created by the last game of indoor football your kids played to cleaning your gutters, he has got you covered. Many homeowners already have a good relationship with a person like this and will reach out to him if they find they have mold. Sometimes a person like this is a good resource. There are handymen out there who have a lot of experience with mold. The problem with using a handyman is because they are doing so many different types of projects they are probably not up to date on the newest technology when it comes to mold removal. Until just recently, a great deal of drywall that had mold growth on it needed to be removed and replaced to truly kill the mold. Although a handyman would be able to do this, it can cause lots of headaches in your house when you have this kind of construction going on. Also, with the current cost of building materials, this option could really hurt your wallet.

The last option is a professional mold removal specialist, like Mold Solutions by Cowleys. There are a couple of reasons why this is most likely your best option. First, we're part of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), which means that we have access to all of the newest standards, procedures, and techniques. Additionally, we invest in new equipment that helps to remove mold more safely and more quickly, which will save you money in the long run!

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