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The Key to Preventing Mold Growth in Your New Jersey Home

According to the US EPA, molds are found in 50% of all structures.  So, how can you put yourself in the
50% who have avoided mold growth in your home or building?  Before we get into the ways in which you can prevent mold growth in your home let’s first talk about why and how mold grows.The Key to Preventing Mold Growth in Your New Jersey Home - Image 1

Mold is a fungi and can grow just about anywhere so long as moisture and oxygen are present.  Mold actually needs a food source as well, however, mold can consume most organic things as their source for food. Mold produces tiny mold spores and when excess moisture is present these spores grow as they digest, and in turn damage, whatever it is they are growing on. Common indoor areas for mold growth are not surprisingly those areas of the home where you find high moisture. 

Mold can be commonly found in areas of the home like:

  • Bathrooms that are not properly vented
  • Damp basements
  • Areas of the home that suffered water damage
  • Inside walls or ceilings that took on water
  • Near leaky plumbing lines
  • Really any room in the house that has excess moisture

As you can see mold thrives when moisture is present. Therefore, the best way to prevent mold growth is to remove excess moisture from your home. The proper dehumidifier for your space is key to preventing mold growth. The right dehumidifier will work to keep the relative humidity in your space within a range that mold does not grow. So if you have had a mold issue in the past or you are dealing with a current mold issue in your home don’t just treat the problem, prevent the reoccurrence of mold by installing a proper dehumidifier. While box stores offer dehumidifiers we always suggest to our clients that they purchase a high quality, professional grade version. They can make all the difference in maintaining a proper relative humidity level in a space that prevents mold growth. And the benefits go way beyond mold growth!

 The right dehumidifier can also:

  • Make any temperature feel more comfortable
  • Lower your heating and cooling bills
  • Offer a green pest control option by controlling termites, spiders, crickets and more
  • Remove musty odors from your home
  • Increase your living space if damp areas of the home were unpleasant to spend time in

Dehumidifiers are not just great options for homes plagued by mold problems, many new home builders are installing dehumidifiers during construction. Experts are constantly finding new ways to make our homes healthier and improve upon construction techniques. Including a dehumidifier is a great way to keep your home in the best condition possible while helping to ensure that your family stays healthy.

Visit us online for a free estimate on Cowleys Mold Bio-Remediation or commercial grade dehumidifiers or to learn more about mold in your home.  

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