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Five Signs That Mold Is Growing in My New Jersey Home

Thursday, August 15th, 2013 by Bill Cowley

Mold has become a hot topic in the state of New Jersey following the flooding that Superstorm Sandy left Five Signs That Mold Is Growing in My New Jersey Home - Image 1in her wake.  If your basement, or any part of your home, was flooded during the storm or you had a water or moisture problem then mold concerns are probably on your mind.  Homeowners are often concerned that although they do not see mold growing that mold is present.  These concerns are valid and although you may not see mold growing, if conditions are conducive to mold growth it can be growing in areas that you cannot see.

Here are some common areas of mold growth:

  • Around leaky pipes or pipes that form condensation
  • Behind drywall, wallpaper or paneling
  • On either side of ceiling tiles
  • In basement or crawlspace areas that took in water
  • Underneath wall-to-wall carpeting or the padding that lies beneath it
  • Inside of the duct work in your home
  • Your attic where water may have leaked through the roof
  • Any area of the home with a moisture problem

The following are signs that you are at risk for having a mold problem in your home:

  1. Indoor humidity is above 60%.  You can purchase an inexpensive hygrometer (humidity meter) to determine the relative humidity in certain areas of your home.  The basement or crawlspace is the area of the home that is most prone to high humidity and mold growth.  The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says the goal is to keep humidity below 45% and preferably about 35% to prevent mold growth.  A good quality dehumidifier that is equipped to handle your space can assist in keeping the relative humidity within that range. 
  2. You can see mold growing. 
  3. You had flooding or a water problem in your home and building materials and furnishings remained saturated for 48 hours or longer.
  4. There is a moldy or musty smell in a damp, moist area of your home.  At times you can smell a mold problem and if you had water damage to that area of your home in the past then there is a good chance that hidden mold is present.
  5. Those living in the home are suffering health problems consistent with that of mold.  Chronic sinus infections have been linked to mold growth in a home.  If someone is suffering with ongoing allergies despite a change in the seasons consider mold to be part of the problem. 

If you suspect that mold may be growing in your home contact a mold professional to determine if it is indeed present.  Do not disrupt areas that you suspect may have mold to confirm your suspicions.  Disturbing areas where mold is growing can cause the spores to be released into the air making for an even more dangerous situation. 

Read more about mold at our blog here https://www.moldcentralnj.com/about-us/our-blog/5329-nj-attic-mold-prevention.html

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