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Have You Checked Your Bathroom for Mold?

Have You Checked Your Bathroom for Mold? - Image 1

Have you ever walked into your bathroom, looked up at the ceiling near the exhaust fan and thought, wow, there is a lot of dust up there? Well, the dark smudges around your fan might not be dust. On closer inspection you may find that they are actually mold. Bathrooms are a hot bed for mold. Even if you don’t see tell-tale signs of it on your ceiling you should be on the look-out for mold in your bathroom. Let’s look into the three common causes of bathroom mold and how we can fix them.

Proper ventilation in a bathroom may be your most important weapon in the fight against mold. Do you have an exhaust fan? Is your exhaust fan in proper working order? Does your family actually turn on the fan when they shower?  Exhaust fans work by removing unwanted odors and moisture from your room. Many experts say it is best to turn it on each time you run the shower and leave it running for about 20 minutes after you open the bathroom door. If you don’t leave your fan on after you leave the bathroom because you are afraid it will stay on all day, you can install a fan timer. Remember, a fan will only help reduce the chance of mold if you actually turn it on. Getting other members of your family into the habit of using the fan every time they shower is important. If you don't have a bathroom fan, most building codes state that there must be an operable window in a bathroom. Make sure to open your window slightly to encourage moist air to leave the room.

Do you hear a drip coming from your sink, toilet, or shower when you enter your bathroom? A leaky faucet or pipe is not just an annoyance, it is a leading contributor to mold in a bathroom. According to both the EPA and the CDC, mold can start to develop in as little as twenty four hours after a mold spore is exposed to water. At that point you will not be able to see the mold, but rest assured it is growing. By around the twenty first day, the mold colony will likely be large enough you can see it if it has colonized in a visible area. Unfortunately it may be colonizing somewhere like in your under the sink cabinet where it may grow unchecked until it becomes a serious problem.

Sometimes organic materials can become damp even when there is no leak. Do your shower doors not aligned and water constantly gets on the drywall? Do people leave damp towels against the wood doorframes? If so, you could be creating a wonderful breeding ground for mold.  

If you know you have mold in your bathroom, or even if you just suspect that you do, having a Mold Solutions by Cowleys check it out is always the safest route to take. Our Mold Polymer Patented Technology  will not only eliminate the mold you have, but prevent from returning!

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