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You Don't Need a Large Amount of Moisture to Cause Mold

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Our area has sadly seen some really intense hurricanes over the last few years. From Floyd to Sandy to Ida these storms really brought to light the problems people can face when mold is in their homes. The news media covered family after family who had standing water throughout their homes in the aftermath of the storms. For many, the standing water that came as a result of the storm did more damage than the high winds during the storm. This standing water created huge mold issues for families across our area. With the spotlight on mold that was created by this kind of huge increase in standing water many people have the misconception that you need a large amount of water for a mold problem to start, but this is simply not the case. 

Although we might not want to think about it, mold spores can be found almost anywhere. Spores can be found inside and outside our homes, and in many cases don’t cause a problem. Mold does become an issue when mold spores are able to grow. What can let a few mold spore turn into a mold problem? The answer is the proper growing environment. Mold grows on a variety of surfaces, including wood, paper, carpets, and food, but the one variable that is always present in mold growth is moisture.

When mold begins to grow it has the potential to create anything from an irritant to a toxin. Some molds will create an allergic reaction (which includes sneezing, red eyes, watery eyes, runny noses, and even skin rashes) in sensitive people. Other molds can produces actual toxins. Either way, mold creates an unhealthy environment and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the removal of any mold from your home or office.

Since mold can create an unhealthy environment it obviously must be removed, but will simply removing the current mold return your home to a safe environment? Sadly the answer is no. When mold is removed but no other actions are taken the likelihood of a continued problem is very high.

It is imperative to address the moisture issue as well as remove the mold. Simply removing the mold you see or smell is just a band-aide on a larger problem. So how much moisture do you really need for the growth to start? It may be a lot less than you think. Many people think you need to soak an item in liquid for mold to really take hold, but in fact there can simply be enough moisture in the air to allow mold spores to multiply. That's why when we inspect your home or business, we identify the source of the moisture. This should be the first step in the remediation, even before the mold is removed. 

After the source of the moisture is mitigated, the mold is removed, and products are used to impede further growth. We will then install a commercial-grade dehumidifier to ensure the moisture level in the home stays at a level to make your home or business inhospitable to mold. A four step program for mold remediation is your best defense against further mold issues.

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