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Treating Mold & Humidity Problems in New Jersey

In the spring, many of us suffer from sneezing and watery eyes, the tell-tale symptoms of pollen allergies. But what happens when those seasonal symptoms Treating Mold  Humidity Problems in New Jersey - Image 1linger on long after pollen counts have subsided? What else could it be? Before you start Googling exotic diseases and thinking the worst, the answer may be right on the walls of your home, literally. You may be reacting to mold growth in your home.

Just hearing the word “mold” can conjure up a great deal of fear and worry. But once you understand what it is and how to get rid of it, you’ll see that it’s something that is easily resolvable if done correctly. Mold is a genuine health risk that can affect indoor air quality. If you or someone in your home has an allergy or sensitivity to it, the problem needs to get resolved in order to put that person on the road to recovery.

What is Mold?

Mold is a living, breathing, spreading type of fungus. When mold grows on porous surfaces like drywall or acoustical ceiling tiles, its filaments grow deep under the surface. You can’t just wash or scrub it away. Mold is nature’s recycler. It secretes enzymes that consume plants, wood, and any other organic material. Behind any mold problem is a water, moisture, or humidity problem. Once mold gains a foothold, new spores continue to spread and attach elsewhere eating any organic material that it lands on. Wood and drywall are particularly susceptible. Once mold growth starts, it does not go away on its own. Mold will become dormant in dry conditions, and once the temperature and moisture conditions are right, it will reactivate. Even dead mold can cause respiratory problems. You have to destroy mold at the cellular level to render it non-allergenic.

Moisture can come from a number of different sources ranging from leaky pipes to condensation problems to improperly improperly vented rooms that build up hot, moist air. Basements and crawl spaces are trouble spots because the high humidity levels afford mold the perfect place to grow.

Signs of mold problems in a home:

  1. Someone living in your home is suffering from chronic allergies that won’t go away or is having an increase in asthma-related symptoms
  2. Musty odor, especially one coming from your basement, crawl space, or bathrooms
  3. Black, brown, yellow, pink or green fuzzy growths on the walls or ceiling

These are all strong indicators of mold, and your best bet is to have a reputable company inspect your home to determine whether there is mold growth. If mold is found, traditional mold remediation companies offer a single option: Physically remove the mold from your home by removing any drywall or other building materials that has mold or may have mold even if the material is still “good” with no loss of structural integrity. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary! There’s a new and better way to deal with mold that’s been proven in the laboratory as well as in the field for over a decade. New technology (technically, silver nanotechnology) allows us to treat for mold in a non-invasive manner. You simply kill and encapsulate the mold where it sits so you don’t disrupt the mold which sends the mold spores flying, and you don’t unnecessarily remove perfectly good building materials.

New Mold Treatment Using Bioremediation

Mold Solutions by Cowleys can remediate your mold issues while avoiding major re-construction and the hassle of relocating your family during any renovations. Perhaps most important, it’s not enough to get rid of the mold today. We focus on the long term by correcting the underlying issues that contributed to mold growth in the first place and by taking the all-important steps to prevent any reoccurrance of mold in the home. At Mold Solutions by Cowleys, after we treat the mold-affected areas, we recommend the installation of a commercial-grade whole-home dehumidifier to ensure that your indoor humidity levels will not permit mold growth. A special-purpose dehumidifier not only prevents the return of mold, but your home will be a more comfortable place to live. You can learn more about our process, and our patented mold-killing sealant by clicking here to read about our successful treatment of mold in a Holmdel, NJ basement.

If you have any reason to believe that there is mold in your home, play it safe and contact us today. At the end of the day, there is nothing more important than your family’s health.


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