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Is the Energy Efficiency in your Commercial Building Actually Causing a Mold Problem?

Is the Energy Efficiency in your Commercial Building Actually Causing a Mold Problem? - Image 1

As a business owner there so many advantages to owning and maintaining a recently constructed building. Over the last few decades construction practices have led to much greater energy efficiency which means it takes less money to heat and cool your building. Energy efficiency has a positive impact on our environment, can make the building more comfortable, and can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Although this efficiency has many positive outcomes, there is a downside that is rarely talked about. The downside of these energy efficient buildings is without the proper ventilation they can create the perfect environment for mold growth.

Energy efficient buildings are constructed to be airtight. In older construction, humid air could easily pass through windows and other openings allowing it to escape outside. In modern construction, ventilation systems are used to move the air around the building and keep humidity in check. When working properly, these systems can lead to much better air quality within the building. The problem is, if the humidity is not being pulled from the air or it is not circulating correctly there is a tendency for the humidity levels to rise to a level in which mold easily grows. Humidity issues can be exacerbated by other factors like leaky plumbing. Once there is a moisture buildup in the air, mold has a greater ability to take hold and expand quickly.

There are certain materials that are more likely to support mold growth in a commercial building. The first place you are likely to see mold is on traditional building materials like wood and drywall. Another common area, that is often over looked, is fiberglass insulation. As in the example of insulation, mold can be found in areas that are difficult to see or reach. If you have a reason to believe there is mold in your building it is important to have it looked at quickly by a qualified mold solution expert.

When looking for a company to investigate your commercial property for mold, we at Mold Solutions by Cowleys can help. Although there are obvious similarities between residential and commercial properties, there are some differences in the way mold is addressed. We are expertly trained, have the equipment, and expertise to control the situation quickly to minimize lost productivity. Our patented mold polymer technology can be used that allow mold to be removed while leaving the building materials in place.

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