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Mold removed in Wall Township, NJ home

Mold removed in Wall Township, NJ home

Before After
Mold removed in Wall Township, NJ home Mold removed in Wall Township, NJ home

Recently, during a pending sale of a home in Wall Township, NJ, the home inspector found mold growing underneath the basement stairs. Often, hidden mold in the non-living spaces of the home are not discovered until there is a pending sale. A determination of mold at this juncture can potentially delay or derail a pending sale. At some point, there had been a small water intrusion in that corner of the basement, and, unbeknownst to the homeowner/seller, had triggered some mold growth. The mold growth wasn’t extensive, which is probably why it went unnoticed until discovered by the home inspector. Nevertheless, it was enough of a problem to potentially throw a wrench into the works, so to speak.  

The homeowner contacted Mold Solutions to treat the mold. We went into the home with one objective: to quickly and completely treat the mold so that the pending sale could proceed without delay.  

Upon arrival, the two-man crew from Cowleys went straight to work. After identifying the mold-affected areas of the basement, we applied an EPA-registered antimicrobial (MAPS 1) followed by a patented sealant (MAPS 2) that encapsulates the mold and kills in at the cellular level rendering it inert, harmless, and non-allergenic. Often, like with this mold treatment project, we are able to treat the mold and wrap things up in less than a day. We treat the mold directly and, as long as the building materials on which the mold is growing has not lost its structural integrity, there is no need for an extensive project to remove any materials with surface mold growth. With a pending real estate sale, this can make all the difference. 

Here, the mold team, as we always do in these time-critical situations, kept the sale on track with no delays. Everyone here was happy — the seller, the buyer, and, of course, the real estate agents who worked hard to facilitate the sale.  

A homeowner inspection that uncovers mold growth does not necessarily mean a lost sale or significant renovation expenditures to remedy the problem. Instead, with our mold treatment process, we can resolve most mold issues in less than a day — and with a pending sale that means no delay in the closing.


Mold Removal in Wall, NJ

Mold Removal in Wall, NJ

Before After
Mold Removal in Wall, NJ Mold Removal in Wall, NJ

Recently, I went on a service call to a commercial property in Wall NJ, after the property owner found mold during his renovations. Before beginning my inspection, I equipped my personal protective equipment (PPE). Why? Once mole spores are disturbed, the spores detach and start floating everywhere, landing on anything and anyone. If you’re not wearing any PPE, you’re inviting all of those mold spores to settle on your clothing, the area you’re cleaning, your shoes (allowing mold to travel to other areas in your home), in your eyes, and up your nose into your upper respiratory system! This is an imperative first step to any mold inspection.  

Once I put on my PPE I began my inspection of the entire property. After a thorough inspection, I noticed a small amount of mold growth on the interior of the wall plywood. As I took a closer look, I noticed there was moisture entering from the exterior siding. Turns out the siding of the building is stucco and water was flowing from the top of the building between the stucco and the sheathing. This moisture led to mold growth. Mold thrives on organic materials like natural fibers (cotton, wool), paper, leather, wood, or surfaces coated with organic matter such as food, grease, and soil. Mold grows best in warm temperatures of 77 to 86 degrees and needs moisture that can come from water leaks, flooding, high relative humidity, or condensation. Mold growing on exterior stucco walls is not only unsightly, but it can also cause larger problems if it gets in between your home's exterior stucco and framing. 

Before treating any mold on your property, you must first fix the problem or the water source causing the mold to grow. Fortunately, the property owner repaired the leak by the time I arrived. 

In order to begin the treatment process successfully, I needed to remove the insulation in the affected areas to gain access to the sheathing. The property owner allowed me to do so as the contractor he hired will replace the insulation and drywall. Then, I applied an EPA-registered, non-toxic antimicrobial solution called Mold Abatement Polymer Solutions 1 (MAPS 1). MAPS 1 breaks down mold at a cellular level and kills it instantly. Once that solution dried, we applied a patented sealant called MAPS 2. This moisture-sensitive sealant encapsulates mold, rendering it inert, harmless, and non-allergenic. MAPS 2 reactivates when it gets moist to prevent the growth of any future mold colonies. Now the property owner can continue his renovations in a safe, mold-free environment.  

Mold Removal in Belmar, NJ

Mold Removal in Belmar, NJ

Before After
Mold Removal in Belmar, NJ Mold Removal in Belmar, NJ

Recently, the Cowleys Mold Solutions Team went on a service call to a residence in Belmar, NJ. The homeowner contacted us because of mold growth in his living room. 

Mold is an unwanted by-product of a water or moisture problem in a building. There is a long list of possible water intrusion events that goes well beyond flooding. Mold can form because of leaking pipes, dampness and humidity, especially in basements and crawl spaces, and rain seeping in because of damage to the roof, surrounding fascia boards, and around window frames. For many, exposure to mold can be harmful, leading to long-term chronic health problems, especially for those with pre-existing respiratory conditions and other risk factors.

As we were putting on our personal protective equipment (mold is a serious biohazard in enclosed spaces) we asked the homeowner if he knew of any water intrusion on his property, such as a recently burst water pipe. This preliminary information helps us determine the underlying cause of the mold growth. We don’t just want to treat the current mold. We also want to fix the underlying problem so that mold doesn’t return. The homeowner informed us that a pipe did, in fact, burst in his living room while he was away at work. Fortunately, his son happened to come home early from work and was able to stop the water leak. Otherwise, the problem would have been much worse.

As we began our inspection in the living room, we immediately noticed mold growth around a particular window frame. Unfortunately, after a more detailed inspection, we found that the mold and water damage was more extensive than we first thought. Some of the drywall was so damaged that it had to be removed. If building materials have not lost their structural integrity, we can often just treat the mold. However, sometimes the water damage is too much. Here, we needed to remove some of the drywall, and we started to cut the drywall in those areas where the moisture and mold were most visible. Once the window trim was removed, we could see there was mold growth between the trim and the drywall that wrapped around most of the window. We kept cutting and removing the damaged building materials until we reached the undamaged areas of the drywall. 

After the damaged drywall was removed, we applied MAPS 1(Mold Abatement Polymer Solution 1), an EPA-registered anti-microbial. This application is specifically designed to kill active mold growth. We then scrubbed away the surface mold and applied MAPS 2, a patented polymer sealant that encapsulates the existing dead mold and prevents future mold from growing.

After we were finished with our treatment, the homeowner informed us that he scheduled an appointment with a contractor to install new drywall in the living room. Although no one likes these unexpected events, the homeowner was relieved that the dangerous mold growth was removed from his home and he could now move forward with the necessary repairs without worrying about any hidden mold.

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We guarantee that areas we treat for mold remain mold-free for one year, renewable for up to five years with a dehumidifier and service contract!

We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service in every interaction, from the initial call to our production crew's cleanup. We work hard to exceed our customers' expectations and ensure that the job is done right; the first time. If you're in need of unparalleled mold removal and control, count on Mold Solutions by Cowleys!

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