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Mold Removal & Remediation Company in Rumson, New Jersey

Mold Solutions by Cowleys is your local, trusted source for high quality mold removal services! Our innovative products and procedures are miles ahead of the rest - we can often treat a home in one day, and our unique process eliminates the need for the invasive tear-out that traditional mold remediators use.

We guarantee that areas we treat for mold remain mold-free for one year, renewable for up to five years with a dehumidifier and service contract!

We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service in every interaction, from the initial call to our production crew's cleanup. We work hard to exceed our customers' expectations and ensure that the job is done right; the first time. If you're in need of unparalleled mold removal and control, count on Mold Solutions by Cowleys!

Services we offer in Rumson:

  • Home mold removal
  • Mildew removal
  • Black mold remediation
  • Mold testing & sampling
  • Mold cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Dust might control
  • Commercial mold removal
  • Mold remediation for athletic facilities
  • Mold remediation for schools
  • Mold inspection
  • Mildew cleanup & removal
  • Dehumidification system installation for mold control
  • Financing Available

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These homeowners in Rumson, NJ, while readying their home for sale, found surface mold growing in their basement, so they called us to come out and remove the mold.  We first treated the mold with our EPA-registered anti-microbial solution called Mold Abatement Polymer Solutions ( or MAPS 1 for short). This product attacks mold at its DNA and kills it instantly. Next, we applied our patented polymer sealant called MAPS 2. This sealant encapsulates the surface mold is growing on and renders it useless and non-allergenic. MAPS 2 is also moisture-sensitive and reactivates whenever it gets wet to prevent the return of mold.


Case Studies From Rumson

Black Mold all Over the Sheetrock in Rumson, NJ


While this client in Colts Neck, NJ was away on business, the basement area of his home flooded due to pipe bursting. Since he was gone for a few...

Job Stories From Rumson, NJ
Water Leak Floods the Basement and Mold Starts to Grow in Rumson, NJ

This customer in Rumson, NJ, had a bad water leak in his basement that happened when he was away on a business trip. As no one took care of the water leak for quite some time, mold started to grow throughout the basement.

Once that was completed, we treated every single square inch of the basement with our EPA registered antimicrobial called MAPS 1. MAPS 1 will attack mold at its DNA and immediately kill it. Afterward, we applied our mold stain remover and scrubbed any and all the mold stains. Lastly, we applied MAPS 2. MAPS 2 is our patented sealant that encapsulates the surface mold is growing on and renders it harmless and non-allergenic. It's also moisture sensitive and will reactivate whenever it gets wet to prevent any future mold growth.

Water Leak Floods the Basement and Mold Starts to Grow in Rumson, NJ - Photo 1Water Leak Floods the Basement and Mold Starts to Grow in Rumson, NJ - Photo 2
Kitchen leak leads to basement mold in Rumson, NJ

These Rumson homeowners had a slow hidden pipe leak their kitchen. Water had seeped down below into the basement, and large patches of surface mold had started to grow on the floor sheathing. The homeowner had a plumbing service fix the leak that had caused the mold growth in the first place. However, the dangerous mold needed to be removed, and they contacted Mold Solutions By Cowleys to resolve their mold problem. As is often the case, because there was no water-damaged building materials, by using our process, the homeowners were able to avoid an expensive tear-out and renovation project. Instead, Mold Solutions by Cowley treated the area and killed the mold in less than a day, potentially saving thousands in construction costs. 

Upon arrival, the mold crew first treated the affected basement areas by applying our EPA-registered anti-microbial (MAPS 1) to kills the surface mold and reduce the level of airborne mold spores. Next, we applied the heart of our treatment process, a patented polymer sealant (MAPS 2). Upon contact, this safe and non-toxic sealant renders any mold  inert, harmless, and non-allergenic. The sealant’s unique feature is its moisture-sensitivity — it will reactivate with water or moisture and prevent the return of any new mold growth in the treated areas.

These homeowners were quite pleased that we successfully treated the mold growth so quickly, and that we left the perfectly good building materials alone. We expediently and effectively got rid of the mold, and did so in a way that allowed the homeowners to circumvent what could have otherwise morphed a big construction job — accompanied with a big price tag and big headaches!

Kitchen leak leads to basement mold in Rumson, NJ - Photo 1
Work Requests From Rumson, NJ
Project Location: Rumson, NJ
Need small patch of what looks like mold removed from crawl space.
Project Location: Rumson, NJ
Moving in older home. Doing construction work but can see mold on basement ceiling not that they took roof off and smell in garage. Want to address before contractors close basement ceiling up again.
Project Location: Rumson, NJ
Horrible Horrible scent in my bathroom cannot tell if it's coming from shower walls or bathroom walls. Have horrible headache and nose bleeds and I believe it is because of it.
Project Location: Rumson, NJ
Black mold-like growths around 2-3 central air registers (vents in the ceiling)
Project Location: Rumson, NJ
Mold in my crawlpace
Project Location: Rumson, NJ
Purchasing a home and mold was found in basement Would like a site inspection and estimate to remediate.
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