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Before and After Pictures from Fair Haven
Improperly installed dryer vent causes mold in Fair Haven home

Improperly installed dryer vent causes mold in Fair Haven home

Before After
Improperly installed dryer vent causes mold in Fair Haven home Improperly installed dryer vent causes mold in Fair Haven home

This homeowner in Fair Haven had a dryer vent that wasn't attached properly, and the warm dryer air meeting the cool basement air resulted in condensation inside the vent. It is common to find high levels of lint in the vent. Although we do not think of lint as organic material, lint is simply tiny bits of fabric fibers that are shed from the edges of our clothing. Fabrics made of natural fibers like cotton and wool generate more lint than synthetic fabrics, and this soft, clumpy material that we pull out of lint vent is a delectable food source for mold. Mold thrives in dark, humid locations, and with condensation inside the dryer vent forming from hot air colliding with cool, conditions were ripe for mold growth.  Also, exhausted air forms he dryer is moist anyway. After all, the purpose of the dryer is to remove the moisture from the damp clothes coming out of the washer.

Mold growth in dryer vents and behind these appliances is common. Sometimes, the dryer venting problem is the fault of the installer. If the clamp on the vent pipe is not secured properly, when the dryer is pushed back in, the vent pipe can slip off, resulting in a serious moisture problem that then leads to mold growth.  Sometimes, it’s the homeowner’s fault. The homeowner may want to pull out the washer/dryer in order to clean up all of the dirt accumulating behind the units. It’s easy to pull out the dryer too far, and inadvertently pull off the vent. 

Finally, we’ve seen holes can develop in flexible plastic venting pipes. Holes can develop because, over time, heat can cause the pipe to break down. Also, mice attracted to the dryer heat can chew small holes in the pipe to gain access. Holes in dryer vents can be easily avoided by switching over to flexible metal ducts. These ducts cost a little more and are a little trickier to install than plastic ducts, but they can help can avoid an expensive mold problem from developing. It’s important to annually inspect your dryer to make sure that the system has not developed any leaks. Also, the venting should be cleaned out periodically because the accumulation of excess lint is a possible fire hazard.

With this home, mold growth started to form inside the wall. This dryer was not venting to the outside of the home, and, every time they did a load, they were pumping a tremendous amount of moist air into the wall void, creating conditions for mold to grow. This moist air can also cause structural damage to drywall itself.

The homeowner had the dryer vent fixed, so the appliance is now properly exhausting the humid, moist air. But there was still the problem with mold. That’s where the Mold Solutions By Cowleys team comes in. We chemically treat the mold right where it sits, rendering it nonallergenic and harmless. First. using electrostatic fogging, we first applied our anti-microbial fungicide (MAPS 1). This application kills the surface mold and any airborne mold spores. We then followed this application by using foggers to coat the wall with our patented polymer sealant (MAPS 2). This product immediately destroys mold (and virtually any other virus or pathogen in its path) at the cellular level. The sealant’s unique feature is that it is moisture-sensitive and, if necessary, will reactivate to prevent the return of any new mold growth in the treated area. With the mold destroyed and the underlying problem that caused the mold growth fixed, this homeowner permanently solved his mold problem — and did so expeditiously. By treating the mold directly right where it sits, the homeowner avoided dealing with an extensive and unnecessary tear out of building materials with mold growth, not to mention the headache of renovations that follow.

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