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Mold Removal & Remediation Company in Mercer County, New Jersey

Mold Solutions by Cowleys is your local, trusted source for high quality mold removal services! Our innovative products and procedures are miles ahead of the rest- we can often times treat a home in one day, and our unique process eliminates the need for the invasive tear-out that traditional mold remediators will use. We guarantee that areas we treat for mold remain mold free for one year, renewable for up to five years with a dehumidifer and service contract!

We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service in every interaction, from the initial call to our production crew's cleanup. We work our hardest to exceed our customers' expectations and ensure that the job is done right; the first time. If you're in need of unparalleled mold removal and control, count on us!

Services we offer in Mercer County:

  • Home mold removal
  • Mildew removal
  • Black mold remediation
  • Mold testing & sampling
  • Mold cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Dust mite control
  • Commercial mold removal
  • Mold remediation for athletic facilities
  • Mold remediation for schools
  • Mold inspection
  • Mildew cleanup & removal
  • Dehumidification system installation for mold control
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
  • Financing Available

Case Studies From Mercer County

Old Building Materials Causes Mold in Hamilton, NJ


The heavy rains of October bought an unwanted and familiar smell to this new client’s basement. So, this client wanted to find out where this...

Job Stories From Mercer County, NJ
Bathroom Mold Growth Treated in Trenton, NJ

A homeowner in Trenton, NJ, found mold growth in her bathroom, and she contacted Mold Solutions By Cowleys. Thois small, enclosed bathroom had no window to let in outdoor air and no ceiling vent. Without proper ventilation, after every shower, water vapor is left lingering in the air. It is a situation ripe for mold growth. If that wasn’t asking for mold trouble, there was a pipe leak underneath the vanity that had gone undetected for quite some time. These water and moisture sources created an environment for mold to grow, thrive, and spread.

When the two-person Mold Solution crew arrived, we found extensive mold growth beneath the vanity and on the walls. There was a small crevice between the vanity and the bathtub where we found fungus hanging off of the vanity itself!

We applied an antimicrobial (MAPS 1) followed by a patented sealant (MAPS 2) that kills existing mold upon contact. This sealant is moisture-sensitive and reactivates to kill any future mold growth in the treated areas should there be another water or humidity problem. As part of our mold treatment process, we thoroughly scrub down all hard surfaces to remove visible mold growth.

Flipping a Home and Found Mold in the Basement in Lawrence Township, NJ

After purchasing a new property in Lawrence Township, NJ, this customer discovered a severe amount of mold in the basement! After equipping our PPE, we began inspecting the home and found the mold growth underneath the stairs in the basement, all over the concrete walls, and even behind several picture frames on the wall! After finishing our inspection, we removed all the contaminated materials and treated the area with Mold Abatement Polymer Solutions (MAPS) 1.

MAPS 1 is EPA registered antimicrobial that attacks mold on a cellular level and instantly kills it. Next, we applied or mold stain remover and scrubbed away all the mold stains. Lastly, we treated the entire basement with MAPS 2. This moisture-sensitive patented sealant encapsulates the surface mold is growing on and renders it inert and non-allergenic. It'll also reactivates whenever it gets wet to prevent future mold growth. Now the property is free from any hazardous mold growth and the homeowner can start her renovations.

Flipping a Home and Found Mold in the Basement in Lawrence Township, NJ - Photo 1
A Bad Leak Causes Mold to Grow on the Ceiling & Walls in Lawrence Township, NJ

Can you image returning home from work only to find out that a pipe in your second story bathroom had burst, flooded your bathroom, and caused mold to grow all over your first floor ceiling and walls? Well, that is exactly what happened to this customer in Lawrence Township, NJ! Once the leak was repaired, the owner called our office and we were sent out. 

When we arrived and inspected the home, we noticed several mold stains on the ceiling and walls of the first floor living room and the second story bathroom. The mold growth was so severe that we had no choice but to do a full on mold remediation treatment. This means we have to remove every single mold contaminated item throughout the home! Once we did, we treated the second floor and the living room with our EPA registered antimicrobial called MAPS 1. This solution targets mold at its DNA and immediately kills it. Afterward, we applied our mold stain remover and scrubbed away all the mold stains. Lastly, we applied MAPS 2, which is our patented sealant that encapsulates the surface mold is growing on and renders it harmless and non-allergic. MAPS 2 is also moisture sensitive and will reactivate whenever it gets wet to prevent any future mold growth.

Now that the mold is gone, the homeowner can hire a contractor to repair the areas in his home. 

A Bad Leak Causes Mold to Grow on the Ceiling & Walls in Lawrence Township, NJ - Photo 1
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