Mold Learning Center - New Business Owner Cries Mold in Red Bank, NJ

Here we are in a basement below a storefront in downtown Red Bank, NJ. The new owners just purchased the property and at their inspection, the inspector noticed a few small areas of mold growth. Now, it’s not uncommon to find mold in a basement (in fact, it happens quite often). A lot of moisture exists in basements — usually, from condensation from when warm, moist air comes in contact with your cool basement walls and floor. The bad thing is once mold is exposed to water, it can quickly grow into colonies and cause property damage and severe health problems. So needless to say, this needed to be taken care of immediately. 

Before I begin any type of treatment, I had to do an inspection first. Even though I know where the mold is occurring I must thoroughly inspect every area of the basement to properly determine the cause of the mold.  So I put on personal protective equipment to protect me from the hazardous mold, grabbed my hygrometer and started my inspection. Turns out the reason why the property had mold is simple — the building had been closed up for so long without any proper ventilation which caused moisture to get trapped in the basement. 

Now that the building will be occupied it will get a chance to be properly ventilated — now onto the treatment! I treated the entire basement with an EPA-registered antimicrobial solution called MAPS. MAPS stands for Mold Abatement Polymer Solutions and is broken down into two components, MAPS 1 and MAPS 2. MAPS 1 targets the molds DNA and kills it at the cellular level. Once MAPS 1 has been applied, I wait for it to dry and then apply the next component, MAPS 2. MAPS 2 is a special sealant that is moisture sensitive that encapsulates mold and will reactivate when it gets moist to prevent any future mold growth. This process offers a safe and efficient method to treat mold and prevent it from returning. Now the business owner can continue with his renovations and operate a healthy place of business.


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